This a is game prototype that never got to the finish line. Nevertheless, it is playable.

1) Drive an insect-like creature (W, A, S, D keys to move) through a maze full of enemy space insects.
2) Your goal is to destroy your enemy's nest. To accomplish that you'll need to find a bomb in the maze and place it near the nest (SPACE to position the bomb).
3) On your way you will meet swarms of enemy space-insects. Choose either to run or fight (Mouse to aim your weapon, Left mouse button to shoot). Some enemies only bite, other can shoot too. Watch your life bar (red colored, to the left).
4) Collect space-insects energy cells (left after you kill them) to increase your super-charge energy bar (green colored, to the right). Use the super-charge energy to become bigger and stronger (SHIFT key to transform), but use it wisely. 
5) Watch the radar (green glow on the borders) to have some indications of the bomb's position in the maze.

Note: The game has some performance issues on weak machines. If the games feels slow --- buy a new machine!